hello peeps : )

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hello peeps : )

Post  Admin Gm NMS on Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:36 pm

well consider this as a welcome back for me lol sry about dat i was having real life issues thats why i didn't rpl any topic and tell u about any new news .. its just all goin good i dont wanna say specific date about the opening so it wont be any problem if anything happened .. thank for all the people for are waiting and believing in us and for da people who think its fake just click on log out and u still welcomed when u see us having fun in our own game : ) anyway Friends its all going good and pron didn't stop working while i wasn't there so not that much delay its just yall need to wait a bit its not that easy like u think .. JD development is the hardest ever so what about when u design ur Own can u imagine dat .. i know yall can understand dat and i hope u all doin good : ) Cause what we doing need alot of people to work on so u can finish it faster .. Anyway wish u all good luck ... have a nice day and sry again about disappearing past week : ) ... Also feel free to email Me or send me a msg On my Msn - el_nms_45@hotmail.com- cya fellas : ) GG

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Hi alll .....xD

Post  alex22000099 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:31 pm

NMS finaly man yuhuuuu welcome back as u said keep doing your work to be the best server FTW in the world Very Happy don't forget arden pwn all

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